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My Mom's Surprising European DNA Results I 23andme DNA Results Reveal I Dark Skin vs Light Skin Myth

In this episode of our Ancestry Journey Life series, I discuss my mom’s DNA results from 23andme. We reveal our maternal haplogroup and trace the haplogroup back six generations. Will my mom have an African haplogroup? I also discuss colorism in the Black American community and how that has led to misinformation. #23andmeresults #maternalhaplogroups #blackpeopleDNAtests Follow us on other social media sites! Instagram @LifewithDrTrish Facebook: Life with Dr. Trish Varner Thank you so much for watching the videos and supporting the channel! Below are some additional ways you can show support to the channel if you’d like. 1. Watch the ads all the way through (i.e. do not skip the ads). YouTube creators are paid through ad revenue. We are paid more ad revenue when the ads are not skipped. 2. You can send a tax deductible cash donation to my nonprofit organization — A Thousand Generations, Inc. The cashapp name is $AThousandGenerations. More information about the nonprofit can be found on the website — 3. There is also a cashapp set up specifically for the Life with Dr. Trish channel. Donations to this channel are not tax deductible but are very much appreciated. That cashapp name is $LifeWithDrTrish.
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47 thoughts on “My Mom's Surprising European DNA Results I 23andme DNA Results Reveal I Dark Skin vs Light Skin Myth

  1. All talk of colourism is the after affect of the savagery of White Supremacy. It will take sometime for all people of Colour not to feel like useless creeps compared to other races who claim to be better due to the lack of pigmentation in the skin. Life is too short to dwell on skin tone or colour especially when that fake ideology had been forcibly programmed into peoples heads against their own judgement and wellbeing.

  2. Great video!
    Hm, I just noticed it shows your haplogroup in more detail – "L3e3b" rather than just simplified as "L". I also did a 23andMe test but mine only shows "H" and that's it. Do you think it's perhaps because you got the full kit with health reports and I only got the ancestry & traits one? is it an extra bonus of getting the upgraded package or would it make no difference and it will still just show "H" regardless?

  3. Remember people, the amount of melanin one has is just a gene. You can have that one gene and have 60 percent European genes. You can lack the gene not producing a lot of melanin and have 20% European genes.

  4. I tell people have to test parents cause our dna spilts up generation upon generation different results shows u might not have it but ur parents will or grand parents..even for our children test results it goes back in history.

  5. I have 2 disagree with your statement that you are not "pretty". U r correct, because I see a beautiful woman here, not just a "pretty" woman. I don't 7sually make comments on videos I watch, but I had 2 this time. Stop selling yourself short

  6. You develop Very important discussion on your videos, high level discussion, academically but also associated with accessible informations.

    Racism and colonialism are always harmful and noxious. It’s different in each places according to how social conditions and construction were set.

    I’m from Brazil, the most mixed country in the world, also from a city called Salvador -state of Bahia, well known as the most African city out of Africa (ethnically).

    In here we assume everybody is mixed, even if they seem black, Native American or white.

    Of course there are racism but it shows in a different way, like if you are not black you are considered white.

    At the and of the they as Frantz Fanon suggested, the way you are recognized in your place crosses they way people identify your society, meaning it’s a social construction.

    I myself got 12 ethnicities,

    Anyway, congratulations I really appreciate the way you bring knowledge.

  7. Phenotype is the least important thing in terms of DNA. Skin color is much less than 1% of your DNA. Hair texture and like are insignificant genetically. The things that effect the larger chunks of your DNA are how your INTERNAL organs are formed and how they function. My mother is a very beautiful West African appearing Puerto Rican. Her skin is black like Lupita N'yongo and her features are very West African. Yet her DNA came back 52% West African the rest Mediterranean European and Taino indigenous. What we found out is that her internal organs, skeletal build, her blood clotting disorder and her inability to eat glutens were European. I on the other hand am much lighter than her with loose textured hair and more Mediterranean facial features. My father is a very light skinned Afro Cuban mulato. And I am more African than them both. They gave me all of their African DNA. I have no issues with gluten and no blood clotting disorders. I am African on the inside, my skeletal make up is distinctively VERY African body type (I got blessed with that😂🙏🏿) What you look like is the LEAST significant component in determining what you are genetically.

  8. This was so interesting. Thanks for sharing. The way a person looks is often called their phenotype, which as you mentioned, does not reflect their ethnicity.
    My niece's husband is mixed and is also adopted. I was able to trace his paternal African ancestors back to a man born in Virginia in about 1805, who was then brought to Missouri. Ironically, my niece's family lived in Saline County, Missouri, for about 9 years and it turned out they lived in the same county as her husband's ancestors. Missouri has some death certificates online, which helped in the research.
    I'm glad to see that your mother was willing to do the DNA test. It's so cool that you uploaded your raw DNA to MyHeritage for comparison purposes.
    Good video.

  9. About your mother´s DNA … your daughters can only inherit from you what you inherited yourself. As you did not inherit any Native American DNA (neither from your dad nor from your mother) You have no N.A. DNA for your children to be able to inherit. No one can pass down to their children what they do not have. simple.

  10. I tell people that ALL the time. There's a Paternity Court episode on here and both parents are a darker shade of brown with dark eyes. They had 2 light skin children with extremely light eyes. So, the father questioned paternity. Both children are his.

  11. If you go on ancestry and start a family tree and do the 2-3 weeks free you can go back to the 15-1600’s it’s called through lines. It’s so cool and they have 1000’s of records

  12. I enjoy your videos so much. They are so informative. The skin color thing is so interesting. Dark skinned people can have just as much European ancestry as light skinned people. My grandparents had 10 children. Seven of them had medium to very dark brown skin. Three of them had light skin. We know that their grandfather was a very light skinned biracial man.

  13. I'm glad you shared this because I have a similar but different experience. I'm half-white and half-black, and my skin color is whiter than most white people's. Whereas one of my brothers has the more stereotypical "mixed skin color" look. My dad is dark-skin black, so you can imagine the disbelief and rude comments I get when someone sees my dad. Now that I have 23andme, I know that me and all of my siblings are 32% African. So yeah, how much African heritage someone has doesn't correlate with skin color.

  14. I’m a black man 71% West African, 1% East African and 28% European but my Y chromosome is from a white man. If it wasn’t for that white man I would not exist but to me I’m not mix majority rules I am more black therefore I’m BLACK And I love it. My experience in life just like any other black man is challenging especially in this country but I would not have it any other way. I just love being black

  15. Your mother is beautiful. Thank you for sharing your ancestry and history. If you ask me, everyone should dive into their history. I’m learning so much.

  16. Awesome video! I was criticized by my family, because I wanted to learn more about my ancestry. It seems like people want to tell you who you are. It’s always been a placement. Nobody will ever place me again. Thank goodness I get to choose. I also want my children to know their ancestry. In order for them to know anything about it, you have to get information. You have such a beautiful family. Keep digging..

  17. Also if a mixed cultured person has children with a mixed cultured person the mixed cultured children will have the same percentage breakdown of the parents…. mixed dna it doesn’t really change

  18. This video is weeelllll overdue …. you are soooo right …. our community is more damaging that outsiders to one another …. I have always stated this regarding colour and colourism in the afro community in the diaspora ….. many of our people are too uneducated or too owned/colonised…. beautiful children I really thought D1 was you😳😳😳!!!! 🙏🏾🤣 before I saw the letters above the pictures… 1% of a dna 🧬 can show in a person 50%….. eg a person can have 5% Irish dna and 95% Nigerian dna but that 5% or less could produce very light skin or eyes or hair colour …. that’s how dna works …. it’s like boys usually look like their fathers and girls their mothers features wise

  19. Ancestry is very very random. You do know that besides your maternal and paternal, your autosomal ancestry can vary in haplogroups. Africa itself is the most genetically diverse continent on the planet because humans migrated and back migrated and where there a long time. I'm black blackety black but my haplogroups are mainly have a Near East (mtdna T, N, U5) origin as well as African (L,M1) and East Asian (C,D,G,X). "Black" is only a social political term especially since we don't have a uniform tribe. Today's show former host, Bryan Gumbel, who identifies as "black" but is 62% European. Does this make him less "black"? There is a very light skinned South African woman who tested and thought she would be part Asian but found out that she is 100% African.

  20. You do not have to be lighter skinned to have white European descent if you do have it you will still have it regardless of how dark or light your skin is. It will not be lighter automatically based on the percentage of white European ancestry at all.

  21. I think your hair texture is a clear sign that your admixed, and your skin tone partially. I Iook similar, but I'm about 80 to 82 % African, but people assume I'm part something. I have semi keen features as well, and curly hair. I'm assumed to be Dominican, part South Asian, or mixed with another brown race lol. Admixtures are crazy.

  22. I thoroughly enjoyed your breakdowns, commentary and joy of discovery. I am on a similar path and I'm always excited and grateful when a hidden piece of family history comes to life.

  23. You are making great progress on your tree. You were fortunate to find a Slave Schedule that included names and a book. Hopefully with some more digging you will make even more discoveries.

  24. The average amount of european in African American is 24%.
    Now,if you take the "lighter" AAs and "darker" AAs, the avg amunt pf european will be bigger in the lighter group, HOWEVER, than is only the average.
    There will be lots of light ASs w low european, and a lot of dark ones w high european.

    Skin color mutations are a dozen ish to couple dpzen.

  25. I think Ancestry may have a higher threshold for reporting back Native American ancestry. I wonder if you or your daughters tested at 23andMe, if maybe the typical negligible amount AA people get would show up (0.5 – 2%). Sorry if that has already been done and I missed you mentioning that. The East Asian pops up a lot for AA people too at 23andMe, and many people mention a possible legacy of Malagasy ancestry. I saw a Native American guy from the US share his results the other day and he got a small amount of SE Asian. I wonder if it's possible that since the US NA ancestry in AA's is usually so small, it creates confusion for the algorithm and sometimes it misplaces it as SE Asian. Native Americans in upper North America tend to score more East Asian / Siberian ancestry in these tests. Natives from South America actually have some history of contact with Polynesians.

  26. I think current africain american and carebean diaspora have all around 20 percent European and the rest african or mixt from what I've saw on the result but is not all but the majority

  27. Your mom is beautiful and you really favor her! It's obvious by watching your life unfold and all that you've accomplished, that your mom is an awesome mom. So are you. You are also setting a beautiful example for your own daughters. I am sure they are going to be awesome mom's as well. 🙂 DNA and genes are both fascinating and confusing to me. I'm glad I'm not alone in this. Y'all are learning more about your family than any family I have seen so far. It's cool. I'm so sorry that you felt less important or that you mattered less. HUGS I think your outlook today is a testimony to the fact that this was a lie from the devil.

  28. My late sister was extremely fair, I am darker. She had more African dna than me. People don't understand phenotype versus genotype.

  29. I guess I’m older because I don’t trust anything! I watch your videos because I want to do this so bad but I don’t have the courage to entrust my DNA with these people! I’m 42 lol

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