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Blue or Pink (WR 25 vs WR 27)

This is an amazing match between the two beautiful professional table tennis players. The blue player is a Japanese player Hayata Hina 早田 ひな, and the Pink player is Bernadette Szőcs. They are often considered one of the most beautiful female table tennis players. ♥️ If you like my video, please support me here: Permission from: T2 Table Tennis ( T2 DIAMOND TABLE TENNIS LEAGUE Gateway East, 152 Beach Road Singapore 189721 Ph: +65 6291 5538 The commentary / editing style is unique and for educational purposes. We have permission from the original footage and images used in the videos. © Copyright of PingSunday. Please do not reupload the content. For any cooperation, request, or content infringement, please email us at: Contact us on Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) at: @coachpingsunday ►LOVE MY VIDEOS? ├ Making tutorial videos require a lot of time and effort. ├ Offer me a coffee for my Saturday night. I appreciate your support. └ ►SUBSCRIBE ├ coach EmRatThich’s YouTube Channel └ ►FREE COACHING TIPS ├ I spent a lot of time writing free table tennis lessons here └ ►THANK YOU PATRONS 👍 @tuxedopong Devrim Uner Marco Malvaldi Hellbender Mark Afuso Jon Ferguson nivekkan Keith W Heintzleman jeffrey cook Alexander Zaytsev Hüseyin Adalar …. and many others. 🏓 #乒乓球 #卓球 #tabletennis
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28 thoughts on “Blue or Pink (WR 25 vs WR 27)

  1. No matter what the player 's gender, the outer style is the most important factor of popularity in the table tennis. Fashionable outfit is the good manner for all fans. Because when they play the games, we always see them all through the TV. In terms of this point, I hope Szocs go to the top.

  2. let's not get carried away, Hina is a great player but to call her beautiful renders the term meaningless and Szocs is beautiful the way most young, fit females are beautiful, especially when aided by make up and good photography. She has the doe eyed look going for her, though.

  3. Hello, I started to play a modern defense, I have to replace my FH rubber with a new one because the old one is already heavily worn and I am thinking about replacing the BH as well. Do you think DHS Hurricane 3 Neo on FH and dhs c8 on bh are a good choice for modern defense?

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